HOW I BECAME INTERESTED IN AUSTRALIAN NATIVE PLANTS   by Glen Yakimoff – from ‘average Aussie’ to ‘APS enthusiast’.

A couple of you thought it may be interesting to know how I came to be interested in Australian Native plants. Well, here is my story:

I steadily got interested in gardening when I bought my first place in Glendale, where I did a gardening course, run by Janet White, through Hunter Community College. At that stage I planted both exotics and natives. However, as a kid, I was also interested in the bush, having grown up in Kahibah, where I frequented the surrounded bush, including Glenrock. This continued on as an adult, where I continue to go on bushwalks.
So after having purchased a home, and having started a garden, some of the plants in the bush, were catching my eye. The combination of my interest in bushwalks, and this new interest in bush plants, prompted me to do a WEA Botany course run by Kevin McDonald. It was at this course in 1998, that I met Phil Bates and Jennifer Robinson, who were APS members. They
invited me to attend the APS meetings.

It was at these meetings that I met the rest of the APS group, and learn more about Australian Native plants. I learnt about what to plant where, different gardening ideas, and about genus, species, cultivars, varieties, and about the various habitats, and plants and plant communities in the wild, as well as nature in general. I have also propagated cuttings from the plant ID table.

Waratah                                                                            Glen’s photo of Telopea speciosissima  (NSW Waratah)

So my choice to grow natives, and interest in the plants of the bush around me, stems from my desire to be part of the environment, to bring in birds and wildlife into the backyard, and ‘Australianising’ my property. I have had plenty of influences, for both gardening, and nature, from people such as Janet White, Kevin McDonald, Phil Bates, John Simpson, Bob Wilson, Maree
McCarthy, Leanne Pattinson, and Leearne Neal, to name a few.

Special mention has to go to APS as a whole, including the many APS speakers, such as Dianna Snape, Angus Stewart, and Roger Elliott.


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