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Vertical Gardens Talk 3/2/2016

Native Vertical Gardens talk – next Wed 3rd Feb, Wetlands Centre, Shortland. 7.30pm. All welcome!
Free TALK by Mark Abel

With the trend of fitting housing into smaller areas, along with an increase in the numbers of units and townhouses, there is a subsequent shrinking of the space that people have available for their gardens. One of the recent trends that has emerged is the creation of vertical gardens or green walls. This has in part been led by the French botanist Patrick Blanc.
The talk will look at the different types of vertical gardens, and the native plants that can be successfully used in vertical gardens. Focus will be paid to two very different vertical gardens to illustrate what can be achieved.

After the talk on Vertical Gardens I will give a short presentation about the critically endangered North Rothbury Persoonia (Persoonia pauciflora) which we will visit during the may outing.


The Pink Cascading Lilly Pilly

Sysygium ‘Cascade’ (hybrid of S. leuhmanii and S. wilsonii)

If you like pink fluffy anything… like I do… then you will love this little shrub!

I have grown it in luscious soft soil, god-awful hard clay, full sun, or full shade… and it seems to take just about anything!  The ones in the  semi-shade with the softer soil grew faster though. But fast…WOW!  It only grows to about 2.5 to 3m but I’ve found it is in a super hurry to grow up – and gets to its full height in only 2 yrs or so!

And colour!  All year!  First it rewards you with ever-changing foliage colours of new-growth pinks, golds, and lime and then turns to rich dark greens as the leaves mature. Foliage is weeping but can be pruned into a hedge or alternatively, shaped into a little tree.

Flowers arrive in late Spring and shower the ground underneath with a fine carpet of shell-pink stamens. These are followed by bunches of little pink fruits my friend’s children call ‘Bush Apples’.  Yes – they are quite edible and also make excellent jam! Even the young bunches of green fruit look good in floral art.

So, if you want a privacy screen – or a fast way to hide an ugly shed, – and you want flowers, colour, fruit and a natural butterfly and bird attracter – Plant a Cascade Lilly Pilly